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           December 2011
The Year in Photos
Fall 2011 Study Abroad Students meet Hanitra
Conservation Club Member
US Embassy's Mobile Cultural Center in Ranomfana
Summer 2011 Study Abroad Students
Summer 2011 Study Abroad Students
Summer 2011 Study Abroad Students
Singer Raiza Said with Dr. Patricia Wright
New market in downtown Ranomafana
Eric Callender visits Centre ValBio
Fall 2011 Study Abroad
Fall 2011 Study Abroad at the Stony Brook Office in Madagascar
Saturday Class at Centre ValBio
Photograph by Noel Rowe of All the World's Primates
Infectious Disease Research Field Site
Visiting a Conservation Club Village
Fall Study Abroad
Saturday Class at Centre ValBio
Infectious Disease Research Field Site
US Embassy & Hanitra visit CVB
SBU's Infectious Disease researchers visit RNP
SBU's Earthstock 2011
SBU's Earthstock 2011
Red-bellied lemur with triplets!
US Embassy & Hanitra visit CVB
Seneca Park Zoo's Party Madagascar
Baovola's wedding
UNICEF Team in the field
Village Visit
Baby Arrigo-Nelson
Baby Banks
Baby Donovan
Baby Muldoon
Baby Dunham with Mommy
Babies Mireya

UNICEF Vision: Connecting Youth for the Environment is an initiative that engages students from 50 schools around RNP in activities that raise awareness of the environment while introducing them to skills that will be beneficial for navigating in the 21st Century. Modern communications technology will assist connecting the participants with peers taking part in other UNICEF projects around the world. It is a vision that expands the perspectives and possibilities.

A new collaboration with Stony Brook University’s Center for Infectious Diseases (CID) and Emory University commenced a pilot research project in the Summer of 2011. The project explores the transmission of disease pathogens between humans, their domestic animals the forest wildlife. The data will be used to access the potential for further studies in Madagascar. This is the first project for the CID in Madagascar, a country with a very high occurrence of plague.

Artistes & Environnement is a project created by Malagasy artist Hanitrarivo Rasoanaivo in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Madagascar after the embassy invited her to visit the Ranomafana rainforest and CVB. She left “mesmerized with the beauty of nature, the richness of biodiversity and the kindness of her fellow citizens.”  The project seeks to immerse artists in environmental issues by bringing them to the rainforest. Centre ValBio has been designated as a destination for artists. 

All the World's Primates launches a new website!
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New York's Erik's Reptile Edventures Visits Madagascar
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